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Stratio's LinkSquare was introduced on PBS News Hour
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Will real-time health data for consumers add up to healthier living?
Wearable health and fitness gadgets have broken into a sprint at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. And no wonder: An estimated 500 million people worldwide now diligently record their steps and leaps. Science correspondent Miles O'Brien examines how a perfect storm of tech advances have driven a boom in real-time health data for consumers, and how it may affect medicine.
In a part of the interview, Jae Hyung Lee, CEO of Stratio introduced our product LinkSquare
MILES O’BRIEN: San Jose-based Stratio has shrunk a spectrometer down to palm size. The device shines a bright light on food and medicine to determine if they are what they purport to be.
In this demonstration, CEO Jae Hyung Lee compared counterfeit, generic and genuine Viagra to the fingerprint-like spectroscopic pattern of the real McCoy. It was instantly obvious which were the impostors.
JAE HYUNG LEE, CEO, Stratio: So far, people were just interested themselves, but now they want to know more about what they’re eating. They want to know what they’re buying. They want to know what’s going on around them.