Stratio CEO TV interview by The Korea Economic TV “We put SWIR technology into palm of your hand”

“Infrared imaging technology has long been too expensive, complicated and bulky for the general public to benefit from. Use was primarily limited to large laboratories and the defense sector. BeyonSense changes that, allowing for a device that is considerably lighter, cheaper and easy to use.

After pouring our blood, sweat and tears for 8 years, the Stratio team was finally able to develop the world’s first Germanium based SWIR sensor. We have successfully reduced the size, cost and power consumption of the SWIR camera. Additionally, it unlocks new innovative solutions such as Autonomous and Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), robotic surgery, food inspection via smartphone and ESG application like soil organic carbon detection.

Having gone through our rocky startup journey, we learned from trial & error and our team has been getting stronger along the journey. With the launching of BeyonSense, our team has confidence in our sensor technology and is much more motivated than ever before. We are determined to tackle bigger challenges that other sensor companies have not been able to solve. Our next goal is to reduce the size & cost of the sensor even further and install it in smartphones within 3 years. Our ultimate goal is to bring infrared vision to the mass market (B2C) and become the most advanced SWIR sensor company in the world.

Our effort to advance our sensor technology will not stop here but will accelerate with support of our partners, current/potential customers as well as current/future investors. We appreciate your continuing support.”