SWIR Imaging Sensor

THE ONLY ONE who can design and manufacture a low-cost, high-sensitivity SWIR sensor

Unique Low-cost & High-sensitivity
SWIR Image Sensor Startup
Through our proprietary fusion technology with germanium materials,
we've broken down the barriers of cost.
Offering top performance at an affordable price.
20x lower cost
5x lighter than InGaAs camera
Environment Friendly
10x less power consumption
SWIR Possibility
SWIR, augmenting human visual limits, makes many things possible.
Home appliance
Military Defense
Agriculture & Food
Bringing Low-cost and High-sensitivity
Infrared Vision to the Mass Market
We go beyond that.
Stratio, Inc. designs and creates portable infrared solutions as part of its mission to bring infrared vision to the mass market. Our patented sensor technology enables portable and affordable devices to collect data ad AI platforms translate the data into meaningful insights, unlocking new innovative solutions such as Autonomous and Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), robotic surgery, and precision agriculture.