Stratio Technology

Nanofabrication Facility (STNF)

is our in-house fab facility assembled specifically to produce the world's first Ge-based SWIR sensor. Located in Silicon Valley, our fab is also open to support custom R&D and small volume projects in the San Francisco Bav Area and beyond

BeyonSense is reimagining

the future of SWIR

by bringing SWIR imaging to a smartphone. BeyonSense is the world's first Germanium-based SWIR camera and using our patented sensor technology, have achieved a device that is at least 5x lighter and 20x lower cost than current InGaAs-based cameras on the market.

LinkSquare is a smart spectrometer

that enables users to create scalable solutions with the power of Al. From determining food freshness and sweetness to creating authentication tags, LinkSquare has helped quantify and digitize quality control processes in different industries across six continents.